Ever wanted to use Snapchat online instead on your smartphone? Well now you can with

Snapchat Online – The only way to access Snapchat from your PC

With this new app, you can access the fabulous world of Snapchat come the comfort of your Windows PC

Just simply download the app from our download page, install the app and then you are ready to Snapchat.

Snapchat online

Minimum Requirements

The requirements for Snapchat PC are easy to meet as we have tailored the software to run on just about any windows based PC or laptop that has access to the internet . All that is required is that you have a version of Windows xp/vista/7/8 and at least 1 Gb of RAM (As mentioned before, you will NEED an internet connection to run this app)

If you wish to not only receive Snapchat messages, but also send them, you will also need a webcam setup (If you are using a modern laptop, this may not be a problem as most new laptops already have a webcam built-in)

Download Snapchat online

Downloading the app couldn’t be simpler. Simply head over to our download page by clicking big red download button below.

You may need to verify that you are human in order to download Snapchat as our site has been overloaded with bot traffic in the past and overloaded our servers, but once this is done, the download will automatically start